GrindWorks Sports Network


About GSN

In the 2018, Grindworks Broadcasting began to offer viewers a new way to watch films, shows & documentaries on digital TV. Now, we are making a push into digital sports programming, securing deals to air live minor league, high school & youth games across its broadcasting platforms starting in the spring of 2019. The initiative is being branded as the “Grindworks Sports Network" and will be carried on GrindWorks Broadcast Media platforms around the globe, including Amazon Fire TV, Firestick and other Amazon devices.

The launch will include a multitude of games, shows & documentaries revolving around minor league & amateur sports. GSN will air live sporting events including football, basketball, track & field, softball, baseball, boxing and soccer.

The GrindWorks Sports Division launch is an important move for GrindWorks as sports teams and content creators search for more ways to air live sporting events, which can command high advertising prices, generate revenue for teams and organizations via our revenue sharing model and help drive more sponsorship dollars to sports organizations.

The GrindWorks Sports Division will be led by John Nowowiejski, who joined GrindWorks in March as chief operating officer of The GrindWorks Sports Network. Both John B. and John N. have years of experience playing in the minor league football system and are fully aware of the pitfalls of owning and operating minor league sports organizations. Which was the motivation behind the GrindWorks Sports Networks’ revenue sharing model.

“This is another example of our support for the independent content creation business,” GrindWorks Broadcast Media Founder & Pres., John Barner said in a statement. “We are creating a reputation of supporting independent filmmakers and content creators that will rival the big industry machine by producing and broadcasting large amounts of live events and original content through our local, national and global newscasts, high school sports presentations and minor league sports games. We have demonstrated our ability to brand content and build audience interest.”

MONETIZATION OF LIVE STREAMING: GSN offers you professional tools and utilities to monetize your Live Streams on all fronts like Subscription, Pay Per View or Ad-Supported Model.