Nikollet Szanto To Join iDrift Series

Nikolett Szanto, who is a resident of Hungary and is well known for her HIGHLY impressive career as a European Drift Circuit champion.

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European Drift Circuit champion, Nikolett Szanto of  Hungary, has agreed to a role in the GrindWorks Original TV series "iDrift", hosted by Jeff Hammond (FOX SPORTS & NASCAR) due to begin taping in July.


Nikolett was born and raised in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. she attended the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and she graduated as a painter-restorer. She came across with drifting for the first time in 2006. She remembers she heard the sound of cars drifting on the hot asphalt, felt the smell of the burning tires, and she knew that she arrived. For her, the drift begun then and there and every race starts with the same feeling ever since.
She truly believe in equality between men and women. In the motor sports we are the same pilots with the same passion, having the same sort of devoted team with us and most of all keeping our eyes on the same goal; winning the race. 
In the end of the day, the professional drift gives a chance to all of us-regardless of nationality, gender or age-to unite in the commitment we have for this exciting sport.


Best in 2013:
2013 Hell Drift Championship overall: 2nd place
2013 Hungarian Gymkhana Championship overall: 2nd place
2013 Hungarian Gymkhana Team Championship overall: 3rd place
2013 Championship overall: 5th place
2013 Gymkhana Grid Spain: 2nd place
2013 King of Europe Slovakia Ring: 4th place
2013 Hell Drift Championship Eger: 1st place
2013 Gymkhana Grid Tököl: 2nd place
2013 Hell Drift Championship 2. round: 1st place 

Best in 2012:
2012 Hell Team Drift Championship overall: 3rd place

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