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120min 00secs | English | Director: John Barner

GOAL: To bring attention to benefit acquisition efforts, PTSD, current living conditions, as well as, generate for profit and nonprofit finances to be used for the restoration of housing in and around the country for use by homeless military veterans as well as others.


VISION: Our vision is that together, we will be able provide the education, information, resources and the financial ability needed to help military veterans and their families. Also, to connect Grindworks to Military communities across the country.

This Grindworks Original documentary is designed to bring awareness to the various issues our military veterans face upon returning to society, as well as, generate revenue  that will allow various Veterans nonprofit organizations to continue to support our heroes.

The Displaced Soldiers Documentary will have segments discussing thefollowing:

* A Veterans Perspective

* Military Stories

* Acquisition of VA Benefits

* Housing Issues

* Dealing With PTSD

* Understanding A Veteran

* Support & Resources


Feel free to submit a video (via this web page) with your opinions and stories regarding the topics listed above or schedule an interview for your opportunity to become a part of the documentary.

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