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Psychedelic Healing Shack TV

Producer: JB   |  English    

We’d like to introduce you to our latest Grindworks Original Documentary, “Healing From Within - The Story of the Psychedelic Healing Shack'', which is based on the Psychedelic Healing Shack and Vegetarian Cafe in Detroit, Michigan. 


PRODUCER: John Barner

NARRATOR(s): John Barner & Hip Hop Legend Prince Whipper Whip


Welcome to Shack TV! The Psychedelic Healing Shack is a wonderful café and healing-centric establishment that focuses on bringing people from various backgrounds together over great food and fluid conversation. The Psychedelic Healing Shack is a popular attraction among those who believe in the power of holistic remedies. The Psychedelic Healing Shack will host drum circles, live poetry & music performances, weekly podcasts based on wholistic practices, herbal medicines & spiritual enlightenment Shack.TV is the place to see it ALL!

With the amount of support garnered from the holistic healing community, it’s practitioners, social media and the online community, we believe this could be an ideal integrated advertising and marketing opportunity for your brand as well as support the re-birth and re-branding of The Healing Shack. 

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