Larry Syid Wright - THE PRESS

Larry Syid Wright of Pitchvine, LLC, has signed an agreement with GrindWorks to produce his feature film entitled THE PRESS, a POWERFUL story based the 1st black owned newspaper. We are looking forward to the collaboration. Press events and casting calls will be set up in various locations to begin filling roles for the film. Congratulations Larry! 

“The Press” deals with politics, corruption, deceit, hate and community issues. “The Press” is the last black owned newspaper and radio station on the east coast. Located in Greensboro, NC, the Press was founded by Mr. Bill Strong and has been in existence for over 70 years. The paper is tied to the black community here and all over the country it is well documented and revered for its head on approach when dealing with black issues, black politicians, and black communities all over America. Charles Smith is a pro radio talk show host with revolutionary views.

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