Claire Maclean

GrindWorks Broadcast Media has named Claire MacLean as Head of UK Distribution. Claire will also join the GrindWorks Film Review Board and be responsible for the distribution of independent films, shows, documentaries and events on the GrindWorks Digital Platform via The United Kingdom.

In past years, Claire has worked with major US companies NBC Universal, Discovery Networks, Imagine communications, and with U.K. companies BBC Worldwide, Carlton International, BT TV and Sky, and also Swedish owned MTG.

Claire’s distribution responsibilities include acquisition and placement of independent films, shows documentaries and events on the GrindWorks Media global platform with the aim of attracting the largest possible audience to monetize the work of independent filmmakers based in The United Kingdom. Acquisitions, sales and marketing staffs are being assembled immediately to aid Claire in her duties and will be present at international film markets and festivals, developing relationships.

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